Nootropic For Focus & Mental Clarity - How Do They Work?

Nootropic For Focus & Mental Clarity - How Do They Work?

Are you looking for mental clarity? Long days at the office or on the computer, and just daily tasks in general can result in losing focus and feeling fatigued. Finishing that monthly report or filing essential documents at work requires a focus that can be hard to maintain.

You find yourself at the computer, and suddenly, you’ve lost your train of thought and completely forgotten what you were doing. Or, after 15 minutes, you find you’ve lost focus, and your attention has been directed elsewhere.

It can be easy to lose focus on something, and it can happen frequently, depending on the person. Everyone’s brain chemistries are different, so it’s essential to address your brain health like any other health issue. Focusing on a healthy diet and exercise can improve brain health over time, and nutritional supplements are a great added boost.

This is where nootropics can come in. Labeled as “smart drugs,” nootropics can help improve focus and mental clarity. There are plenty to choose from, from natural to prescription nootropics, and they are available at health food stores and over the counter.

Taking a nootropic can help your brain health long term, with things like improved focus, cognitive enhancement, and mental clarity. We’ll review how they work and what supplements to look for to improve your brain health.

What Is Brain Fog?

If you’ve had problems with mental focus or mood before, you may have come across the term brain fog. This is a non-medical term to describe a range of symptoms, but it is mostly as it sounds: a general feeling of mental fogginess.

Symptoms of brain fog include:

  • Thinking more slowly than usual
  • Poor concentration or mental performance
  • “Fuzzy” thoughts
  • General sense of confusion

Some people experience brain fog for a day, weeks, or longer. It can be caused by stress, changes in sleep, or nutritional intake. A nootropic supplement can be a significant boost to energy levels and help calm stress receptors in the brain, improving cognitive performance.

It’s worth noting that brain fog could be an underlying symptom of a more serious illness, such as depression. If you think this may be the case, get in touch with your healthcare provider to discuss further steps. Supplements can be an excellent cognitive enhancer but are not a cure for mental illness, which should be ideally treated under the care of a doctor or health practitioner.

What Are Nootropics?


Nootropics are a group of substances that have proven effective on brain health, which is why they’ve received the nickname “smart drugs.” They are effective in improving memory, problem-solving, and cognitive function.

These substances are often found in medicine, most frequently treating ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. For these certain brain conditions, nootropics can repair and aid less effective brain receptors and prevent further cognitive decline. Especially in ADHD, this smart drug can send the right receptors to the brain cells to encourage mental focus.

Outside of prescription drugs, nootropics are also available as nutritional supplements. They can help you focus and improve your mood, as well as give you that necessary boost of energy to motivate you throughout the day. For example, aniracetam can increase serotonin and dopamine production in the brain, which boosts mood. That serotonin boost can turn an otherwise grey mood into a state of relaxation and focus.


Nootropic Supplements to Try

If you’re interested in trying nootropic supplements to improve mental clarity, there are a few different substances to look for. Some supplements are explicitly marketed as nootropic supplements, which are great if you want to focus on overall brain health and cognition.


NuClarity is an effective nootropic for cognitive enhancement and mental clarity. It combines active ingredients such as Alpha-GPC, Ginkgo biloba, and Rhodiola rosea that work to improve your focus, energy, memory, and mood.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a tried and true nootropic supplement you may have encountered before. It contains docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, DHA and EPA, each an omega-3 fatty acid that can improve brain health. Each fatty acid can enhance complex thinking skills, memory, and natural reaction time.


Creatine is a natural substance that is a popular dietary supplement for overall health, but it has specific effects on the brain that are beneficial in improving mental clarity and mental performance.

You may get creatine from your daily meat, eggs, and fish intake. If you don’t eat meat, creatine supplements are an effective way to boost your creatine intake levels.


This antioxidant is found in over 70 plant species, most popularly in grapes, berries, cocoa, and peanuts. Highly concentrated resveratrol supplements at 98% can prevent the deterioration of the brain’s hippocampus, a portion of the brain dedicated to memory.


You may already get this nootropic daily from your morning cup of coffee, but caffeine supplements often have significant benefits. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that sends signals to the brain’s central nervous system to make you feel more energized and alert.

It’s essential to watch your daily caffeine intake, though, as too much caffeine can often give you reliance on it and cause your body to seek caffeine every time it needs energy. It can be good as a temporary boost or taken in small doses over time.


Nootropic supplements may be the best choice for your mind to improve memory, focus, and mental clarity. We recommend consulting your general practitioner or pharmacist before starting a new medication or supplement. Even natural vitamins and minerals significantly affect your body, and you must check with a health professional before starting a new supplement.

There could be potential issues if you have allergies or are on other medications and supplements. For instance, people with allergies to ibuprofen and NSAIDs could react to nootropic medicine.

Mental clarity can improve significantly over time, and pairing these supplements with a healthy lifestyle is important. This includes a healthy diet and regular exercise as fit for your body.

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