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CogniTune keeps me feeling energized and focused so I can be at my best, without the crash. It just works.

—Jenna Compono

Public Figure & Fitness Enthusiast

Driven by Technology

Featuring a revolutionary beadlet delivery system for sustained release.

GMP Certified

HydraTech Precision Dosing™ Technology

Our advanced beadlet delivery system provides:

Maximum bioavailability using liquid capsule & beadlet technology.

Elimination of “dose dumping” through sustained ingredient release.

Superior protection of fragile ingredients ensuring highest potency.

Active Ingredient Absorption Rates

HydraTech Precision Dosing™ Technology. 98%
Generic Solid/Powder Nootropics 20%

Formulated by Science

Featuring 5 clinically studied ingredients working in perfect synergy.

All Natural

Experience the World’s First NeuroTetrad Matrix™

Sharp GPC™ Active is an extremely concentrated liquid matrix of Alpha GPC. As a vital brain nutrient appearing in every day food, GPC is the precursor to Acetylcholine (ACh), an essential neurotransmitter in both the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the central nervous system (CNS). Used in our unique formula to promote healthy brain function , Sharp GPC™ is 85% choline by weight, compared to only 40% found in Alpha GPC.

Extracted from firmoss Huperzia serrata, Huperzine-A functions as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain. An increase in the learning neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine improves information retention, memory formation, and one’s ability to process complex data. Users also experience renewed focus and mental clarity while using Huperzine-A on a regular basis.

Infinergy™ is a precise blend of malic acid fused with caffeine, allowing for easier digestion and long-lasting energy without the post-caffeine crash. Experience jitter-free mental stimulation over several hours while avoiding the stomach irritation that comes with caffeine anhydrous-based nootropics. Expect reduced mental and physical fatigue, improved concentration, and increased metabolic output for healthy weight management.

#1 Most Powerful Nootropic

Intelligently formulated to maximize cognitive function and performance.

Premium Quality Product

Designed for Your Results

Join the world’s elite and unlock your brain’s limitless potential.

GMP Certified

Who uses CogniTune™?

Nootropics are used by anyone who needs increased mental energy, improved mood, a more reliable memory, or clean and sustainable focus. CogniTune™ customers are success-minded individuals who understand the importance of a competitive advantage. Who are they?

Top Students

Successful Entrepreneurs

Hard-Working Professionals

Leading Business Executives

High-Performing Athletes

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