How To Take Energy Supplements - 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

How To Take Energy Supplements - 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Energy supplements can boost performance and enhance your well-being if you take them the right way.

A diet rich in nutrients, regular exercise, adequate hydration, and reducing stress is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. For some – particularly those interested in peak performance – energy supplements can help augment an already balanced life. Let’s explore why energy supplements can be beneficial as long as you’re meticulous about how you take them.


The Benefits

First of all, there are different kinds of energy supplements. For example, caffeine is one of the most ubiquitous but isn’t used for peak physical performance – at least not directly. It’s more of a stimulant for cognitive performance; in other words, it helps boost mental clarity by affecting the body’s nervous system. Other supplements in this category include medicines like ashwagandha, green tea extract, vitamin B12, ginseng, and many others.

Then there are what are called ergogenic supplements. These boost physical performance. Amino acid derivatives and antioxidants are examples of ergogenic supplements, as are others, such as creatine.

Together, mental and physical performance supplements comprise an entire health and wellness industry segment. Which begs the question: what benefits do energy supplements have on the mind and body?

Firstly, they can complement an already healthy regimen, as detailed above. Not everyone gets the right amount of nutrients every day. Some people are busier than others; others desire peak mental performance for their discipline or profession, and others want to compete at high levels of athletic performance. Energy supplements can boost mood, mental acuity, flexibility, strength, and many other advantages for these particular population segments.

While militant vegans and vegetarians will adamantly argue otherwise, meat provides specific benefits to the human diet. Therefore, you may not get enough iron or protein if you are vegan or vegetarian. This is where energy supplements can be helpful, even healthy.

One of the other primary benefits of energy supplements is that they’re easy and efficient. If you don’t have time to cook but need an increased energy boost with your sandwich, a dietary supplement can benefit you if you’ve done your research. After all, we live in a world of rapidly accelerating modernity, and many of us want to be champs at what we do.

There is a caveat, however. If taken incorrectly, energy supplements can also be hazardous. This is not meant to alarm you, only to provide factual guidance and information so you take them safely. Find out more below.

How Not to Take Energy Supplements

1. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
The keyword here is “energy.” If you exceed the FDA-recommended daily value of 400mg of caffeine daily, you risk damaging your nervous and cardiological systems. It can be tempting to have more to accommodate the demands of the modern workforce; however, it’s not worth it.

The same goes for any other energy supplement, including the ones mentioned above. Too much energy is not good. It can overload your system and be a detriment to it. The right amount of extra energy for your particular needs, as recommended by the bottle or your doctor, should do the trick.

You can also find iron and calcium in certain energy supplements. There is indeed a high risk to your health if you ingest too much of these nutrients.
2. Do not take them with other medications without talking to your doctor.
Supplements may interact with other medications for blood pressure or any other health concern. If you’re taking several different medications, including for the body and mind, you need to consult your doctor before taking an energy supplement. Doing so will put you at ease and make you comfortable taking supplements to boost your performance and elevate your energy level to make you the superstar you want to be.
3. Do not mix multiple supplements without talking to your doctor.
Combining several pills may amplify unwanted effects. For instance, if there is an ingredient common to three different supplements and you take them all at once, you’re exceeding your dose of that particular ingredient in conjunction with the additive effects of the other ingredients. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist before combining supplements.
4. Don’t take them on an empty stomach.
Like prescription medications, if your stomach lining doesn’t have enough of a buffer to help your body absorb the supplements you’re taking, it could make you sick. If the supplements recommend you take them with food, there’s a reason.
5. Energy supplements and sedentary people are not a good combination.
While some innocuous supplements can help you transition out of a sedentary low energy lifestyle, if you take something like creatine and your body isn’t ready for it – and then mix it with too much caffeine – it will likely be dangerous. Energy supplements boost already active, balanced lifestyles for peak athletic performance. So if you’re a low-activity person, start by getting active and eating right, then revisit energy supplements.


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Now that you have the rundown of the benefits of energy supplements and how not to take them, do your research and check out the best products on the market that can give you the energy you need to succeed. Check out more on!

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