Nootropics For Anxiety - How To Solve Your Problems

Nootropics For Anxiety - How To Solve Your Problems

Living with anxiety can be a struggle day to day. We’ll break down how nootropics for anxiety could help you.

Anyone struggling with an anxiety disorder or mental illness knows how difficult daily activities can be for your body and mind. Everyday tasks can vary in difficulty from day to day. One day, you can get out of bed and go to work, and another day, you may struggle with getting up to start your day. Depending on the person, anxiety can come with various other symptoms, such as trouble breathing, panic attacks, itchiness, and others.

Since anxiety symptoms can vary, it can be hard to diagnose. If you’ve spoken with a health professional and they’ve indicated you have an anxiety disorder, it is worth looking into naturopathic methods of dealing with it.

One natural way of helping anxiety is through nootropic supplements. If you see a mental health professional or naturopathic doctor, they may have brought it up to you before.
In this article, we’ll discuss how natural nootropic supplements can help with anxiety and the symptoms associated with anxiety.

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How Nootropics Work

Nootropics, also called “smart drugs,” are a group of substances linked to enhancing cognitive function. While more research is being done on the mechanisms behind nootropics, they are thought to work by increasing the availability of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine.

These substances can be plant-derived or found in prescription medication as chemical substances. There are both medical and naturopathic methods of taking nootropics to improve brain health.

For instance, nootropic drugs are given to people with ADHD as therapeutic drugs to improve mental clarity and focus. They can also be used for patients living with dementia to help prevent further cognitive decline.

In the case of natural nootropic supplements, these are widely available and come in various substances and dosages.

How Nootropics Can Help Anxiety


Studies have been done on phenibut, a neuropsychotropic drug with nootropic effects. This study noted that phenibut could ease patients’ anxiety, tension, fear, and post-traumatic stress. This is because nootropics stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain, relieving any tension one might be experiencing.

Nootropics can not only help ease tension in the mind but also encourage creativity and imagination. For instance, aniracetam is a popular nootropic that enhances memory and increases motivation and mood.

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Anxiety Symptoms

If you suffer from anxiety or are unsure if you do, there are some warning signs and symptoms to be aware of. Keep in mind that if you show anxiety symptoms, you may not be fully aware of your symptoms. Check in with a trusted friend or family member to see if they’ve noticed any patterns or signs to look out for.

Here are some common symptoms of anxiety. Note this is not an exhaustive list.

– Nervousness
– Restlessness
– Feeling tense
– Increased heart rate/blood pressure
– Hyperventilation
– Sweating
– Trembling or shaking
– Feeling a sense of impending doom or danger
– Fatigue
– Panic attack
Brain fog
– Gastrointestinal problems
– Trouble concentrating
– Insomnia
– Avoiding tasks that may trigger anxious thoughts

There are many different occurrences of anxiety, such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder, to name a few.

If you do think you are experiencing a more serious form of anxiety, or you have been dealing with symptoms for a prolonged time and it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with your high anxiety levels, it’s best to talk to your health care provider or mental health professional, who can further advise.

How Often to Take Nootropic Supplements

To treat anxiety, taking a nootropic supplement in the morning or in the afternoon is recommended. Since it naturally increases neurotransmitter availability and releases dopamine, taking a dietary supplement during the day will give a much-needed energy boost.

If you are experiencing anxiety during the night or your anxiety is showing up during certain times of day, then take the supplement before symptoms show up.

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Best Nootropic Supplements for Anxiety


When looking for the best nootropics for anxiety, some standouts are most prevalent in both drugs and natural substances. Some of the most popular include:

L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is available as a dietary supplement. Small doses of L-Theanine can calm the mind without increasing drowsiness and increase alpha brain waves, improving the mind’s creative thinking skills.

Commonly found in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb with practical applications. It has significant stress-relieving properties and can protect the body’s central nervous system. Not only can it be used to treat anxiety, but it could be used to treat the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is an amino acid. Acting as the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, it keeps the brain’s primary excitatory transmitter, glutamate, in check. GABA and glutamate maintain a constant balance, but studies show a boost of GABA can reduce stress and everyday anxiety.

Passionflower is an herb classified as a nootropic, often available in capsule format as a natural supplement. It’s used to primarily lower stress levels and regulate mood and sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, this would be a good nootropic to look into.

NuSerenity is our natural stress and anxiety relief supplement. It combines the effects of ingredients such as ashwagandha, lemon balm, passionflower, bacopa monnieri, Rhodiola rosea, and many more for an all-natural approach to stress relief.


While there isn’t a cut-and-dry solution to solving your problems, taking a nootropic supplement can help with anxiety and general stress. With the right tools at your disposal, you can lessen symptoms that may alter your ability to go through your day. Nootropics can ease your anxiety and improve functional skills like memory and focus.

Plenty of additional supplements, such as Rhodiola rosea, bacopa monnieri, and Ginkgo biloba can relax anxiety symptoms and enhance mental performance.

Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you’d like to try nootropic supplements for anxiety. If you’re already taking medication for your anxiety, these could interfere with and worsen symptoms. While they are a supplement packed with vitamins and nutrients, they’re still a type of medicine and should be treated as such.

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