Best Nootropic Supplement That Will Unlock Your Brain

Best Nootropic Supplement That Will Unlock Your Brain

To unlock all your potential and improve mental clarity, the best nootropic supplement can be the key for you.

If you’re looking for more focus and mental clarity, you can make plenty of small changes to your overall health that can impact your brain health. Science’s understanding of the brain is constantly expanding, providing more insight into the complexities of our most vital organ.

The brain is a communications hub for your body and controls your emotions, problem-solving and logical thinking skills, to name a few. So, if you want to unlock your brain, it starts with treating your body in a healthy way. All the organs in your body are interconnected, and prioritizing health can lead to better overall brain health.

To improve mental clarity, you may already be meditating, doing daily yoga, exercising, or doing brain games to enhance memorization and focus skills. For an additional boost to unlocking your brain, nootropic supplements might be a good fit for you.

But just what are nootropics? We’ll explain what they do and how they can help unlock your brain and improve your health.

Talk to Your Doctor First

It is always best to discuss things with your general practitioner or pharmacist before starting a new medicine. Nootropics are available as a dietary supplement or prescription and should be carefully considered before starting.

If you’re already on a dietary supplement or other medication, there could be potential overlaps or vitamins and nutrients that aren’t needed for your health. A health professional can advise what’s best for you.

Nootropics: The Smart Drug

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Nootropics are compounds, also referred to as the smart drug. They refer to diverse medicinal substances that can improve memory and learning. Research has shown they can enhance cognitive ability in people with impairment in clear thinking and memory.

Nootropics are an umbrella term for several substances. While some are medicinal and require a doctor’s prescription, you can find others in natural supplements you can purchase over the counter.


Modafinil is one example of a nootropic that is used for medical purposes. It is a medicinal compound often found in medication to treat ADHD, and on its own, it is a cognitive enhancer that benefits memory, focus, motivation, and clarity.

It enhances dopamine release, which is your brain’s way of experiencing pleasure and reward. It’s non-addictive, which is a benefit as you can use a nootropic supplement without developing a reliance on it. It could be used as a temporary aid or a supplement to have longer-term.

Modafinil can trigger ibuprofen and other NSAID allergies for some people, so ask a pharmacist if nootropics are safe for you to consume if you have these allergies or sensitivities.

Who Can Take Nootropics?

Many nootropic ingredients come from medication used to treat ADHD. Cognitive enhancers like nootropics are used to treat additional cognitive deficits, such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and aging. Nootropics are a group of medical substances found in drugs and supplements you can take without a prescription.

However, while nootropics are used in prescription medicine, they are also available as natural supplements available in many health supply stores and online. Anyone who wants to improve their overall brain function can take nootropics. You can find the best nootropic supplements in powder or pill form.

How Can Nootropics Unlock Your Brain?

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Nootropics, being smart drugs, can improve your memory and increase your attention span, focus, executive functions, and vigilance. This could be incredibly beneficial if you have a learning or memory deficit or brain fog.

Consuming nootropics can cross the blood-brain barrier, a semi-permeable barrier that allows nutrients into the brain and blocks other pathogens or toxins from entering. The blood-brain barrier is extremely particular about what can enter the brain, as a healthy brain can determine what nutrients it needs and which ones it can send elsewhere in the body.

However, nootropics can cross this barrier and send essential nutrients to the brain. This is why nootropics are linked with improving healthy brain function, such as improving thinking, memory, and concentration. It can also help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression through supplements such as Alpha-GPC.

What Are Common Nootropic Supplements?

There are plenty of brain boosting supplements on the market, which we’ve covered before in a previous article. Supplements like omega-3 fish oil, Alpha-GPC, and Ginkgo biloba are some of the supplements that can improve brain function.

Since it covers such a diverse group of substances, there are many to choose from when it comes to the best nootropic supplements. Here are three of the most common nootropics you can find as supplements on the market.


Caffeine is one of the most popular substances in the world, which most people are familiar with. While it is best consumed in moderation, it is part of the nootropic group and can help increase alertness and reduce physical and mental fatigue.


The amino acid L-Theanine is a natural nootropic and is available as a supplement. Small doses of L-Theanine can calm the mind without increasing drowsiness and increase alpha-waves in the brain, improving the mind’s creative thinking skills.

Panax Ginseng

This nootropic is a medicinal plant linked to improving brain function and reducing overall fatigue with its anti-inflammatory effects. It can also help your brain improve its ability to carry out challenging tasks, like stress or complex problems.


While it is a common misconception that we only use ten percent of our brains, it can often feel like we haven’t unlocked our full potential. The feeling of monotony or losing concentration at work can be attributed to your brain health. So, it’s crucial to pair nootropic supplements with healthy lifestyle changes.

Taking a supplement is an aid to unlocking your brain’s full potential. A daily nootropic supplement, regular exercise, and a healthy diet make for a well-balanced life. Keeping your brain young and healthy include improving blood pressure and cholesterol, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and engaging in mental stimulation.

Try a mentally stimulating activity that encourages you to get out there and experiment, like gymnastics or indoor rock climbing. The world is full of possibilities, and with nootropics and determination, you can unlock your full potential.

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