Best Elderberry Capsules & Supplements: Buying Guide

Best Elderberry Capsules & Supplements: Buying Guide

Hippocrates referred to elderberry as his “medicine chest.” This was mostly because this ancient berry could be used as a remedy for a wide variety of ailments, including the flu, as well as to address immunity issues.
Even though we live in a much more advanced world today, technology is only now catching up with what would be technically considered “folk medicine.” Elderberry capsules are now highly sought after supplements for people who are looking to not only build up their immunity but also fight off the flu and get the most out of the Keto diet.
Let’s take a quick look at why this ancient “nature’s medicine chest” dating back to ancient Egypt is making a strong comeback and what you need to know when shopping for the best elderberry capsules and supplements.

What Are Elderberry Capsules?

As the name would suggest, elderberries are berries that come from the Sambucus tree. They are purple in color, and the most prevalent of them all is the Sambucus nigra tree. Elderberries are also commonly known as European elderberry, black elder, and European black elderberry.
The supplements derived from these berries can be used to address various symptoms, including the common cold. Still, most importantly, it’s used in weight management as well as immune system support for people on the Keto diet.
Elderberries are an excellently natural source of vitamins A, B6 as well as C. They owe their incredible immunity-boosting capabilities to the fact that they contain powerful flavonoids and antioxidants.

Does Science Back Elderberry Benefits?

There is always a small disconnect between traditional herbal medicine practitioners and modern science as to what benefits many of the remedies used by the former actually bring to the table. Thankfully, elderberry isn’t part of this debate because there is an actual scientific study showing its benefits.
In the double-blind scientific study conducted in 2016, the results showed that the use of elderberry supplements helped reduce the length and decrease the severity of common colds.

What Are the Benefits of Elderberry?

Besides the fact that there have been clinical trials looking into how effective elderberry is against the common cold, there are other benefits that come from using this old remedy. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, elderberry supplements have been known to be quite handy when it comes to:

  • Fighting the common cold and flu: There is yet another study that showed elderberry extracts have some beneficial effects on our immune system, helping to prevent the common cold. A separate study was conducted on a randomized group of plane passengers (300 people), where one group was given elderberry supplements and the other a placebo. The results showed more cases of the common flu in the group that got the placebo while the duration and the severity of the cold were diminished in those who did get it while on the extract. While more research is required, there is a study showing that elderberry supplements could be effective against the Avian bird flu.
  • Effective against inflammations: A 2013 study conducted by German researchers found that the compound “anthocyanins,” which gives the berries the dark violet color, is also why the berries can reduce inflammation.
  • Nutritional value: Apart from offering you the natural benefits of the elderberries themselves, the best elderberry supplements tend to have an additional assortment of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.
  • Supports the immune system: There is a sturdy showing that elderberries can boost the production of cytokines, which help to regulate the immune response.
  • Help with weight management: There is a study showing that a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are closely associated with inflammation and stress. Both of these issues can be addressed by the antioxidants found in elderberries. As such, the combination of elderberry supplements with an active and healthy lifestyle could help enhance your weight loss efforts.

Some benefits come with taking the best elderberry supplements for those who want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The question now remains, which are the best elderberry capsules and supplements?

The Best Elderberry Capsules and Supplements

While there are many alternatives in the market, the best elderberry capsules and supplements all have some things in common.

Qualities of the Best Elderberry Capsules and Supplements

  • All-natural ingredients: Made up of an herbal immune support blend that is both powerful and effective, containing actual Sambucus Elderberries, and other beneficial ingredients.
  • Contains immune support supplements: They contain powerful antioxidants, beneficial vitamins, probiotics, and a host of minerals that provide excellent support for your immune system.
  • Extra-strength formula: Look for formulas that provide an effective dose of immune boosting ingredients, such as those that provide at least the daily recommended value of key vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin C and Zinc.

The best thing about using elderberry supplements is that there are almost no known negative side effects of using these capsules. Which isn’t the case should you decide to eat raw elderberries, which can cause vomiting and nausea.
The most common negative side effect of using elderberry supplements is possible allergies since it’s part of the honeysuckle family. Other than that, if you buy the best elderberry supplements in the market, you should have no trouble at all.

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