Alpha GPC Review: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage Guide

Alpha GPC Review: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage Guide

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this Alpha GPC review, you already have some basic knowledge on choline. Cholinergic compounds are some of the most discussed nootropics on the market. All the best nootropic stacks contain a reliable choline source to aid in your brain’s production of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is dubbed the “learning neurotransmitter” and is responsible for just that – memory and learning. A steel trap memory would be the envy of students, entrepreneurs, and executives around the world. Thus, one of the most common goals of choline supplementation is to improve your ability to retain information.

What is Choline?

Choline is considered a dietary supplement in the United States, with a composition similar to that of the B vitamin complex. In Europe, choline is regulated and sold under the brand names Delecit and Gliatilin with prescriptions.

There are plenty of dietary sources of choline available. However, choline concentrations high enough for nootropic benefits such as improving focus require supplementation. Choline, while naturally present in the body, is a water-soluble compound extracted from purified soy lecithin for commercial resale. Once a supplement like Alpha GPC is absorbed, it is metabolized into both glycerophosphate and choline (the precursor to acetylcholine).

There are several different types of choline circulating the nootropic community. Two common types are CDP-Choline (Citicoline) and Choline Bitartrate / Lecithin.

In This Article

The subject of today’s review is Alpha GPC, also known as Choline Alfoscerate or Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine. We won’t dive into detail on the other two choline sources. Our previous article on the types of choline supplements makes the comparison in detail.

Our focus for this analysis will be on the benefits of Alpha GPC and correct dosing information. We will also cover potential side effects, the supplement’s half-life, and Alpha GPC liquid.

The focus of this article is on helping you decide whether Alpha-GPC is a substance that you should consider adding to your diet, or to your existing supplement routine.

Alpha GPC Benefits

Alpha GPC benefits the brain in many ways. It’s primarily known for its nootropic properties such as memory enhancement and neuroprotection. Numerous clinical studies back Alpha GPC for demonstrating the following health benefits:

  • Improved focus, concentration, memory, and cognitive function
  • Used as a natural alternative for Adderall and other prescription ADHD medications
  • Increased mental clarity and brain fog reduction through acetylcholine synthesis
  • Enhanced mental and physical endurance and lessening of fatigue
  • Improvements in physical power output and recovery after overexertion
  • Enhanced fat oxidation and production of human growth hormone in young adults
  • Overall mood enhancement without sleep interference or restlessness
  • Neuroprotective properties to shield and preserve an aging brain
  • Substantial cognitive improvements in dementia disorders of the Alzheimer’s type patients, or those suffering from other neurodegenerative diseases

All the listed Alpha GPC benefits are significant. But, the real strength comes from its potentiating properties when stacked with other smart pills and nootropics. Additional choline works to amplify the cognitive enhancement effects of nootropics such as Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine, and Caffeine. The increased production of acetylcholine can also prevent headaches when using racetams or another synthetic nootropic supplement.

Given these long-term health benefits and cognitive boosting abilities, Alpha GPC becomes vital for building a sharper mind. Its high bioavailability allows it to penetrate the blood-brain barrier quickly and efficiently. The choline goes to work rapidly, clearing brain fog and enhancing long-term memory with regular use. We will discuss potential side effects later in our Alpha GPC review.

Alpha GPC Dosage

What is the correct Alpha GPC dosage? How much Alpha GPC should you take? These questions have answers that vary depending on your goals.

Your age and personal health also play a role. With that said, there are some dosing ranges you’ll want to stay within for optimal benefit. An important fact to remember is that Alpha GPC is 40% choline by weight. This ratio means that a 1,000mg dose of Alpha GPC confers to approximately 400mg dietary choline. The dosing recommendations below refer to the total amount of Alpha GPC ingested – not the 40% choline output.

Cognitive Enhancement & Neuroprotection

For nootropic users seeking cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection, keep your dose in the 300-600mg range. In general, this Alpha GPC dose is both recommended and well-tolerated.

Daily dosing of 300-1200mg cumulatively has been documented as safe and effective for most users. You can take this amount all at once or split your servings throughout the day or as needed. You’ll want to begin consumption at the lower end of this spectrum. Once you’ve assessed tolerance and effect, you may increase your dose in a stepwise fashion.

Physical Performance & Growth Hormone Boost

Alpha GPC stacks very well with the top supplements for energy. For increasing power output and physical performance, consume 600-1000mg of Alpha GPC 30-45 minutes before exercise.

Whether it’s a pre-workout supplement, post-workout recovery, or for athletic performance, the dose mentioned above has been proven beneficial. Increasing your Alpha GPC dosage beyond this point does not necessarily translate to better performance or increased HGH production. Feel free to experiment with this by slowly increasing your dose to assess tolerance and benefit.

Alpha GPC Studies

There have been numerous studies conducted which speak to the effectiveness of Alpha GPC in achieving the benefits examined above. In this section, we will outline some of the major studies as they related to the two main areas of effectiveness of Alpha GPC – memory & cognition and physical performance.

Memory and Cognition

Alpha GPC has been shown to have a positive increase on memory retention, as well as a negative impact on cognitive decline. Daily dosing of 300-1200mg is once again recommended for this purpose.

A clinical trial was carried out on 120 patients with mild to moderate vascular dementia. They were given Alpha GPC intramuscularly for 90 days. Throughout, they were given psychometric tests, including on word fluency, depression, memory scale, and more. The results of the trial suggested that Alpha GPC produced a definite symptomatic improvement.

Other studies have suggested that Alpha GPC can improve memory formation as well as learning ability. This speaks to its ability to improve brain health and cognition levels.

Physical Performance

As mentioned above, there are benefits of Alpha GPC as it relates to physical performance. Because of this, Alpha GPC is often used as a workout supplement. This section will outline the reasoning behind this substance’s effectiveness in this area.

This increase in power output is largely due to the ability of Alpha GPC to increase plasma growth hormone secretion. In a study performed on eight healthy male subjects, the ones who ingested 1000 mg of GPC showed increases in growth hormone secretion and fat oxidation, while subjects who took the placebo did not display these results.

Alpha GPC Side Effects

The Alpha GPC side effects are few and far between. It is a well-tolerated cholinergic supplement when used within the recommended dosing range. The side effects of Alpha GPC listed below are rare. They typically only surface when going far beyond the recommended dose.

In the event of an Alpha GPC overdose, some users may experience the following side effects: Headaches, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash, heartburn, sweating, salivation, nausea, or decreased appetite. If you happen to experience any of these side effects, you’ve gone too far in your dose. Simply reduce Alpha GPC intake back to an acceptable amount for your body.

Alpha GPC Half-Life

In our review of Alpha GPC, we’ve covered many of its cognitive enhancement and health benefits. But how long do they last, and how long does it take for this choline supplement to work compared to other brain supplements?

The Alpha GPC half-life is around 4-6 hours but is said to peak within 1-2 hours of ingestion. For those who supplement multiple times per day, it is recommended to keep the doses 4-6 hours apart from each other.

Is It Right For You?

Of course, a consideration of whether this is an effective supplement should really be centered around whether it is right for you. You should study the effects and potential side effects carefully before adding any supplement into your routine, whether it be for brain function, brain health, or physical health.

If you are still in doubt, the option is always available to consult a physician or a dietician for more information. They can help you develop a dietary plan that is specific to your needs, and will make recommendations based on your unique characteristics. Consider these factors before deciding whether and how much Alpha GPC to consume.

Final Thoughts on Alpha GPC

Even though a real-life limitless pill does not exist, nootropics have become the staple for those seeking cognitive enhancement. Among the best nootropics on the market, Alpha GPC sits atop the list of powerful choline sources.

Through this article, we have shown you that Alpha GPC can have powerful effects on your physical performance and your memory and brain health. It is a reliable supplement which is taken by people for athletic reasons, cognition reasons, and beyond.

Of course, the number one concern is what is the best alternative for you. Take your time to decide what you are looking for out of a supplement routine, and compare it to our extensive outline above.

We hope you found our Alpha GPC review helpful. Let us know about your experience with Alpha GPC in the comments below!

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